Thursday, January 21, 2010

Silas' First HAIRCUT!

I can't believe it's already time for my little man to have his first haircut! But after my dad complained about how long it was for months, I decided to finally have it cut. Plus, it was starting to look like a mess and was getting in his eyes. So, this past Sunday Heidi (the fabulous girl that cuts my hair!) came over to the house and cut Silas' hair! He did so good! We sat him by the sink so that she could wet his hair, and then he ended up playing in the water the entire time. His haircut looks great... he looks like such a little man, but I'm missing the long curly locks a little bit! :) Here are some before pictures from the past couple of weeks, and then I posted pictures of during and after his haircut. Hope you enjoy!

This was right before his haircut... He was playing with Heidi's comb.

He was so good that I gave him a sucker! It wasn't pretty when I had to take it away though! :(


Bethany Patton said...

Hi April, Bethany here. Your little Silas is such a cutie. And I LOVE the new cut. We keep cutting Gabe's shorter and shorter.

The VanZoerens said...

knock, knock...anyone home?!?! We are all waiting for more pictures of your cutie patootie! I realize I see him several times a week, but still--I'm speaking on behalf of all those out there who are afraid to say something :)